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  Short Run Book Printing
  Aspen digital short run book printing allows authors, publishers, associations, schools and businesses to efficiently bring their books to press.

We offer the latest in cost effective digital presses and services.
Ability to print high quality books on demand in quantities of 1 to 1500
Development of print-ready electronic files from customer hard copy, text files, or product sample for book publishing
Cost effective color pages
Binding can be perfect bound, spiral bound, or other customer preferred method
Ability to package and ship product anywhere in the world

Advantages of on demand publishing:
Reduce inventory costs
Meet deadline dates
Reprint quickly
Provide advance copies
Test market new titles

Digital short run books can be produced in the following ways:
Perfect bound soft cover
Perfect-bound hard cover
Spiral bound
Smyth-sewn case bound
Foil stamping

Hardcover bindings:
Glued (perfect bound)
Sewn (Smyth-sewn)
Printed case wrap
Foil-stamped cloth or paper case
  When should you choose Aspen digital book printing?
  If you're an established author with expired publishing arrangements, we can help make your out-of-print book available again.
  If you're an aspiring author who knows there will be a person here and there who will want to order your book, but it will probably not sell in hundreds or thousands, we can print as many copies as you need.
  If you're running a business, we can provide high-volume printing or copying to ease the workloads on your in-house staff, or handle a seasonal overflow for you.
  If you're running a printing business, we can help you by providing a back-up service in case you have a machinery breakdown while working on urgent jobs.
If you're a designer needing a non-competing source for rapid and reliable digital printing of your output, we can help.
  If you've completed a research project such as a thesis or family history, we can help you print a limited number of copies for your needs.
  If you're an educator who wants to print materials which change rapidly, such as manuals or course notes, we can help you provide your students with the most up-to-date copies.
  If you're a salesperson who wants to create a distinctive sales kit, proposal, product catalog or presentation for prospective clients, we can help make your career more successful.
  If you're in a hurry because your book deals with a current fad or trend and you need to have your book available in the market now, we can help you avoid the eighteen to twenty-four months it often takes for a manuscript to move right through a mainstream publisher's pipeline.
  Contact us today for a free quote.